Helping OwnBooks Grow

Own Books Volunteers Needed

Do you have a few hours a month to spare to help label and distribute children’s

books to your local school?  Own Books provides schools with books for children

to keep and cherish. As a volunteer you collect books from your local charity

shop, label them and take them to your local school. This can be done on the

school run and is a great way to help your child, and others, have access to

wonderful books of their own.

This is a rewarding activity for any parent and doesn’t take up a lot of time.  You

can even get your child involved in the labelling!

How To Set Up OwnBooks In Your School

1. CONTACT  to order your WELCOME PACK

2. Arrange your first time DELIVERY OF BOOKS from us

3. Schedule an optional Own Books intro PRESENTATION ASSEMBLY TALK

With inspiring informative O B presenters

4. Locate an accessible BOOK CASE for the OWN BOOKS books

5. Find a VOLUNTEER /PTA member/parent for the school

6. Appoint two older children to be OWN BOOKS MONITORS to sort, label,

Books (OWN BOOKS STICKERS PROVIDED ) and organise book shelf.

Labels/ Stickers


Each book has an OWN BOOKS STICKER LABEL In it to identify it as a book that is part of the scheme and can be taken home and kept.

Labels, flyers and other materials to support the scheme are usually available in the school or can be obtained here.