Thanks to a grant from Smart Start, Own Books have recently begun to run specially created workshops. Using books that are a bit too tatty to go onto Own Books library shelves, children use their imagination and creativity to build book houses. As part of the scheme, we have had assistance from two pupils from Riverside School, as they help with the workshops and learn how to become mentors. So far we have run these workshops at Henley Community Library, and Bishopton Children's Centre in Stratford. If you would like further information about our workshops, please get in touch using our contact page.



It's never too early to start reading. Own Books reaches Julie de Bastion's 12 month old grandchild in Portland, Oregon.






Our Own Books co-ordinator for Worcestershire Fran Webb has been very busy developing the scheme throughout the county. Fran comments 'I'm so excited to be able to bring Own Books to Worcestershire. It is a wonderful opportunity for our young children to experience the magic of reading and an ideal opportunity to bring the wider community together.'


Elizabeth Spencer, Headteacher at St. Richards Primary School Evesham
'Delighted to have Own Books in school because we're always anxious to promote reading and sharing of books it gives the pupils the opportunity to own books of their own as reading unlocks all areas of the curriculum.'


Fred Kaler, Deputy Mayor of Evesham and Evesham & Pershore District Older Peoples Forum

'This scheme is a prime opportunity to encourage an active community and to bring both mature and young together in an ambience of respect for each others needs and aspirations.










Your school will award you an OWN BOOKS book bag as a prize at the end of term.

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                Key Stage 2...boy and girl


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Do you  have an amazing story about a book ?

Here are two chance happenings which seem like more than just co-Incidences in our experiences with Own Books.

My son Myles, many years ago, when he was about the age when I sketched him (our logo image) was given a book by his older friend Nicola called "Stig of the Dump." (You may have read it.) Somehow the book was given away or lost...

Last year when I received a bag of books to look through  and to clean and label, I came across a book "Stig of the Dump."

"Ahh," I said to myself nostalgically, Myles had a copy of this. And when I opened the front cover inside was written "to Myles from Nicola."

What an incredible coincidence where had that book been all these years? And how amazing that it should come back to Myles and me


And just recently the other day one of my volunteers called Jill, who also does cleaning and labeling of the Own Books books, when they come from the charity shops, opened  a bag and found a book that she recognised as one that her granddaughter had as a child. Her name was Jessamy, a most unusual name. Jill opened the book to find the words inside the  front cover, 'to Jessamy, with love from Grandma.' Jill was absolutely amazed and couldn't believe that this book that had been out in the world for over 30 years, it should make its way back after all this time to Jill and Jessamy.

Jessamy lives in Paris with children of her own now, and so Jill sent it to  her...and what a surprise she must have had to see the same book after all those share with her own children.

Do you have an amazing story that has come from having the Own Books scheme in your life?

Send it to us, we can put it on our web site and you could win an Own Books book bag! To e-mail your story click here.




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